IAM (Istruttori Associati Marittimi)

The association aims is to represent the collective interests of the category (sea workers) towards the Authority and third parties, any body of the national, international and public administration, public and private bodies, trade unions, other associations. The Marine Instructor (Lecturer) is the central figure in the development of seafarers’ skills. The requirements required by the administration of National Flag are stringent and very complex and are a mix of technical skills and teaching methodologies.

The Association would like the support of all categories so as to have a 360-degree view of all the critical issues and administrative problems faced by seafaring professionals. We aim to play a central role and also become a reference point for institutions, training schools and seafarers.

The first declared objective is therefore the legal recognition of IAM as a trade association and consequently the recognition of the Marine Instructor/Lecturer.

The Association also aims to pursue the following objectives:

  • The promotion of seafaring culture in all its forms;
  • Moral and social assistance, the cultural elevation of members;
    The protection of the work and professional prestige of the members in every sector;
  • Safeguarding and increasing job opportunities;
  • The promotion and formation of voluntary lists of operators in the sectors of statutory importance, giving the possibility to shipowners, shipping agencies, companies, shipyards to be able to access a shared platform and consequently to make use of specialized personnel;
  • The establishment of a constant relationship with the maritime authority intended to acquire information about new regulations and / or regulations and the search for possible forms of collaboration with the same;
  • The promotion of studies and research in the sector in which Italian seafarers embarked on ships with a foreign flag operate and in the sectors of activity connected to them, as well as in the navigation sector in general;
  • The development and implementation of cultural, action and research projects in the nautical and maritime area.
  • Innovative educational solutions in the shipping sector.


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