How become a Member of IAM?

To be a member, just follow the instructions and fill out the application form available on the website(home page) and pay the fee, based ,on the category of reference.Generally as follows …

 Ordinary Instructor Member (for those who are already accredited instructors)
 Aspiring Instructor Member (for those who have started the process to become certified as a Maritime Instructor or intend to)
 Supporting Member (for all those who want to contribute to improving the professional training and not only of seafarers)

The membership is valid for the current year and renewal (see Renewal Methods) for the following year must be made until  December of the same year.

How I can contact the IAM association?

You can contact us from facebook / Linkedin or via the website: www.istruttoriassociatimarittimi.it or via email info@istruttoriassociatimarittimi.it istruttoriassociatimarittimi@gmail.com

How many maritime training centers are approved in Italy?

On 14/03/2022 there are in Total number 53 Centers accredited by Italian Ministry of transport. (Comando Generale del Corpo delle Capitanerie di Porto – Reparto VI – Ufficio IV Personale Marittimo).

What are the information services for IAM Members?

Members will be updated through the following official services: website, social network, email, whatsapp group.

How I know that my member registration has been successful?

After sending the registration request, you will receive the confirmation receipt by email.

A week has passed and I have not received confirmation of registration!

In this case try to a re-contact through the official channels on the website or on facebook, linkedin and instagram page.

Will I receive a membership card after joining?

At the moment the registration receipt is the method to certify the membership, we invite you to keep it. Once the Association is well established we will evaluate other initiatives.

I am part of the category of seafaring personnel, why should I support the IAM association?

The Maritime Instructor has always been in direct contact with those who are obliged to be trained in the shipping sector. Some of the IAM objectives are: to bring out the lack of uniformity in training and the low attractiveness of some maritime careers through the good practices for the benefit of ALL, find together innovative teaching solutions in the shipping sector and increase collaboration between institutions of education. All this will also be possible through the recognition of the Category.

If I am a member of the Association, can I consider myself a Maritime Instructor?

NO. To become a Qualified Maritime Instructor, a ministerial(Italian) certification process must be followed. Registration is open not only to those who are already qualified Instructors but also to those who are subject to education / training in the maritime sector (Supporting Member / Aspirant). The association aims to improve everything connected with the education of seafarers by providing specific technical skills and EVERYONE can support the purpose within the limits of the belonging category.

What are the requirements to become a Maritime Instructor?

The Italian rules currently provides that certain requirements are required to become instructors of one of the 54 centers (updated October 2021) authorized by the Italian Coast Guard, which vary from course to training / training course.
The requirements for obtaining the minimum permissions are as follows:
1 – Master /  Ch. Mate or Ch. Enginerr / 1st Engineer  in possession of a valid certificate of competence;
2 – Who have at least 2 years of navigation in the last 5 years at managerial level for Captain / 1st Deck Officer on ships of tonnage equal to or greater than 3000 GT while for Ch. Engineer / 1st Engine Officer at least 2 years of navigation on ships with main motor apparatus equal to or greater than 3000 Kw;
3 – Pursuant to Section AI / 6 of the STCW code, to be admitted to the instructor corps they must have attended a training course for instructors during which they have received adequate training on classroom teaching techniques, carried out in compliance to the program referred to in the IMO course model n ° 6.09, at subjects recognized by the Administration. Instructors in possession of a teaching qualification are exempt from the obligation to attend the course;
4 – Pursuant to Section AI / 6 of the STCW code, instructors who use the simulator for the delivery of the course must have attended a training course on teaching techniques with the use of simulators carried out in accordance with the course model no. ° 6.10 of the IMO, at subjects recognized by the Administration, as well as on the use of the particular simulator used within the course.

I paid the registration fee, how long is it valid?

Membership fee is valid for one year  (calendar year) 01 January / 31 December, we invite you to keep in mind the expiration date and renew in time.

Download the Application Form for Renewal and follow the informations:

Membership Renewal

What is the registration fee paid for?

The Association is NO-PROFIT, characterized by the absence of profit, which brings together people united by a common purpose of an ideal nature. Both natural and legal persons can join as shareholders and the shareholders are directly involved in the realization of the activities. To be precise, nonprofits can carry out paid activities and can make profits, but they cannot divide them among the members. The money collected by the non-profit organization is set aside and reused by the same to finance its activities and achieve its statutory purposes.

I don’t want to be a member anymore!

Of course. Just submit your resignation (cancellation) by registered post letter.

I am a seafarer, can I book a course through the Association?

No. Today you can only trought authorized training centers on the national territory.

I am a seafarer and IAM Member, can I take advantage of a discount on the stcw courses through the Association?

Yes. Since July 2022 we have stipulated an agreement to access a dedicated discount with some of the italian training centers authorized by the CGCP. We plan to introduce additional benefits for our associates in the near future. For more info consult the “Partner” page.

I ‘m IAM Member,  I called an Affiliated Center to find out the costs of the courses, and  some are different from the price list offered by IAM on the website,why?

Yes. The price list on the IAM website is dedicated exclusively to IAM and its associates, therefore, by contacting the partner center, the prices of the courses will be proposed as well as for private and / or different subjects from IAM, the costs of training in a partner center can be subject to changes over time (it can either increase or decrease) while the IAM Price List, for the duration of the agreement, cannot change.

During the payment phase, we recommend that you consult the Price List which can be downloaded from the “partner” web page of the IAM website. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the price complies with the stipulated agreement.

I am  IAM member seafarer, and I have doubts about the entry requirements for a particular compulsory training course, can I contact the Association?

Of course. You can consult the sectionRequisiti corsi di formazione STCW

I am a seafarer looking for a ship job contract, can I contact the association?

No. We do not currently offer this service

I am a seafarer and I have a “Dispute” with a shipping company and / or maritime authority, can I contact the Association?

The association aims is to clarify the regulations to which seafarers are subject. In the future we believe we can be a “Recognized Organization” to which we can refer in order to avoid conflicts.

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