About us

On 28/07/2021 IAM was born


About Us!

The Association has found the adhesion of the first group of Marine Instructors (Founders) who have elected the Board of Directors which will be composed for the first three years from:

Capt. Gennaro Arma (President), – CV

Capt. Modestino Manfredi (Vice President), – CV

Capt. Davide Fusco (Secretary / Treasurer), – CV – 

Capt. Giuseppe Ercolano (Head of Managment Control Manager)  – CV

Capt. Antonio Simeone (Head of public relations and the press).

With the contribution of IAM, the time for confrontation and dialogue with the Institutions opens to give the right dignity to the Maritime Instructors who have always represented a line of connection with seafarers subject to education in the shipping sector. We are firmly convinced that, as has already happened in many other countries, it will lead to the right recognition of a figure on whose professionalism the future of seafarers will depend.

The association aims to improve everything connected with the education of seafarers, by providing specific technical skills. EVERYONE can support the purpose within the limits of the category they belong to.


Operative Centre :  Via Caravaggio,143 Napoli – 80126 –

Fiscal Code/Vat: 90104880639

Legal centre: Via degli Aranci 25/B 80067 Sorrento (NA)

The Association is NO-PROFIT, characterized by the absence of profit, which brings together people united by a common purpose of an ideal nature. Both natural and legal persons can join as shareholders and the shareholders are directly involved in the realization of the activities. To be precise, nonprofits can carry out paid activities and can make profits, but they cannot divide them among the members. The money collected by the non-profit organization is set aside and reused by the same to finance its activities and achieve its statutory purposes.


The Association wants to support the development of initiatives and programs aimed at remedying the imbalance between skills and jobs in the maritime sector, providing people with suitable skills to access work and strengthen the development of a maritime culture.


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